Jackson Hole tote bag

July 11, 2019

Jackson Hole tote bag

I have four tote bags with my art on them now. And I think I’m done, at least for a while. None of the paintings I used on the tote bags started out specifically for tote bags, so I guess I never know what painting in the future might be well suited for a bag or any other kind of product.

My sister and her husband came to visit and we headed into Grand Teton Nat’l Park one day for a scenic drive and lunch at a lodge. Another day we stopped at Dornan’s, a local market and deli, for sandwiches before a hike. Both days I brought along this JH tote bag and my camera.

I really enjoyed finding places to take photos of this bag. There is an old chuck wagon outside Dornan’s in the little town of Moose which provided a great backdrop for this bag. I have all kinds of photos now with this bag: hanging on a fence post, on a chair with the mountains in the background, next to a different wagon wheel, but this one is my favorite. And my brother-in-law gets the credit for this particular set up. Hunting for locations turned out to be lots of fun.

After a couple more posts about these tote bags and backpacks, it’ll be back to new paintings for me. But I do have  a couple more things I want to share about these bags.