Urban Landscapes and Starbucks

My attention is turning more and more toward the urban landscape. After all, I live in Houston and am surrounded by so much beauty every day. It’s the same light falling on trees and buildings, and the way the light illuminates objects that interests me. I love the juxtaposition of the old and the new, I see a lot of that since we live fairly close to downtown Houston where there are a lot of new buildings among the old.

Yesterday afternoon my daughter wasn’t doing anything special so I tried to talk her into going on a “photo safari” downtown. Actually I find the area just west of downtown a good place to find hidden beauty. I love the smaller white cottages and the bare winter trees. So we headed out looking for a white house surrounded by winter trees. Granted, I had to bribe my daughter with a Starbucks, but she agreed to come along. As always, we had the best time. We explored a part of town she didn’t know much about and it’s always good to explore new places, especially when they’re in your own backyard.

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