About me

I am an artist. Every one of my paintings is part of my story – whom I meet, where I am, a book I read or a museum I visit. Sometimes it’s a line of scripture I hear on Sunday morning. It’s dreams and prayers, time spent hiking in the sunlight. Encouragement from friends and strangers. I take all this into the studio and trust the process. And if it works, if I let go enough, I come away with a painting that breathes on its own and even inspires.

I have been a gallery artist for 10 years. My training has a foundation of traditional methods. I enjoy the challenge of using traditional painting methods to create contemporary works. I have studied at the University of Texas at Austin, The Art League of Houston, and the Konigs Schule in the Hague, the Netherlands.

I believe in living with art.  Not just on our walls but also by incorporating art into daily life. I recently began selling tote bags and backpacks printed with my designs in stores. That was a great challenge to set for myself and is still ongoing.

It is a privilege to create art and I am always honored when someone chooses to buy my work, whether printed on textiles or an original work from my gallery, and live with it every day.

What makes my life complete – my husband, my family, Jesus, Mexican mules, all the chocolate, snow, stars and wide open spaces.

Hard to beat painting in Paris!


Paintings: My original paintings are painted in oil. I offer small paintings here on my website. Larger works can be found at the Jack Meier Gallery located at 2310 Bissonnet St. in Houston, Texas.

Products: Everything on this site is designed by me and then printed on products in the USA. I have found high quality products and printing processes to fulfill my orders and I’m continually checking quality.

Gallery Representation: Jack Meier Gallery, Houston, TX 77005

CONTACT: abreck@swbell.net