Finally, Radishes

Today I went back to the local Farmer’s Market and bought more radishes. The leaves of the radishes I bought on Wednesday had wilted so much that I didn’t want to paint them anymore. I bought another two bunches from the same woman who was there on Wednesday.

I’ve been interested in putting patterns in my paintings lately, so I put the radishes on pink and white fabric. I bought the fabric Friday at a fabric shop, along with some pretty blue fabric that will be useful in a future painting. (And people wonder why I have a storage unit.)

The radishes I bought this morning are beautiful, I’ve never seen radishes that are light pink or deep purple. These two unusual colors mixed with the more expected red radishes made a nice contrast. I liked the pink and white ‘tablecloth’ because I wanted to this painting to be colorful and I thought it gave this painting an element of fun

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