Pears on a tablecloth in progress

Today I did the underpainting on my canvas for my next painting. This canvas is 16″x20″, which is larger than I’ve been painting lately, but I decided if I was going to go through all the trouble to paint a tablecloth with a floral pattern, I wanted to do it on a bigger canvas.

I have an arrangement of pears and lemons on top of a pretty tablecloth. Actually it’s not a tablecloth at all, it’s a yard of fabric that I bought at the fabric store last night. I bought 3 yards of fabric, all different, with plans of painting some of these still lifes from a bird’s eye view. That’s typical of how I do something, I start out with big plans and get all the supplies, then before I use up the supplies I’m on to something else. And needing new supplies. A perfect example of this is the floral dress for $2 that I bought on Friday to put on a model, oh, and two aprons, because I wanted to paint kitchen scenes. It all came from our church’s resale shop so the prices were right. But here I am on to the next project and did I ever paint a model in that $2 floral dress? Or a model wearing the aprons? Since Friday? What do you think.

Okay, back to the current project: I have a little table with the legs cut off, it stands only about 4″ off the ground, and that’s what I set up my still life on. So I sit in front of my easel with the still life set up on the floor next to my feet. I’ve never painted exactly like this before, but I’m enjoying the bird’s eye view. The tablecloth has an almost white background and the pears and lemons are a light color so this will be a very high key painting. Tomorrow will be a “painting day” so I’ll post more in progress shots as I make progess on this painting.

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