Pears on a tablecloth in progress Day 2

Here is what I’ve done this morning. I’m filling in the off white color of the tablecloth. It’s so light it’s hard to tell where I’ve painted and where I have toned canas. I’m trying to get the canvas covered with paint, then I’ll go in and work on my edges. I haven’t tackled that plate yet either!

I have to take a break for a couple of hours. I’m involved in the planning for the art show at our church in October so I need to go to a meeting about that. Then the grocery store. It’ll be good for me to get away from this painting for a couple of hours and come back and start again with fresh eyes.

3 thoughts on “Pears on a tablecloth in progress Day 2”

  1. Nice work, Joan. You’ve already made this painting engaging. Do you ever feel that you want to leave the first drafts…just because they are so successful?! Not that I’m suggesting this here. You’ve obviously got a plan, but it is gorgeous as is.

    Yes, a few hours away will refresh your view. Can’t wait to see what decisions you’ll make!

  2. I like the bird’s eye view! I feel like I’m standing over a wonderful summer picnic table that’s strewn with this fruit, and then of course my imagination goes on from there to the rest of the scene. Look forward to developments…

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