paianting water demo

Painting Water Demo

Okay, we named this pond ourselves. Myrrh and I were on a very bumpy backroad in Texas, more like a gravel road only it was more like rocks, and the road went right by a beautiful pond. It was getting late in the afternoon and we were both tired since it was our second day in a row to go out and paint but after seeing that pond we both got inspired.

I made a demo while painting this water scene and you can see the video below.

We set up and painted for a while and a man came along in a very large pick up truck. Turns out the farm/ranch across the road from the pond was his, he was just wondering what we were up to. He told us the pond was on the Schumann’s land. We asked if the pond had a name? He said no so we told him we were going to name it “Schumann’s Pond”.

Schumann’s Pond is a beautiful place to paint, the sky was bright in that late afternoon kind of way and the surface of the water was fairly still, just a few ripples from the breeze. And the air was filled with all kinds of sounds. I’m a city girl so I can’t tell you exactly what kind of animals, water fowl mostly, made up the orchestra we listened to as we painted but just because I’m a city girl doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the sounds.

Painting Schumann's Pond plein air in the Texas hill country.
What an amazing way to spend the afternoon! I am blessed!

After we finished painting and packed up we decided we would come back soon to paint this pond again. Little did we know that we would be back so soon!

Edit: Turns out we came back the very next morning to paint the pond again (see that day), even though the forecast was for rain. 

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