Painting the Morning Pond Again

"Morning Pond" 9"x12" oil on canvas. Plein air.
“Morning Pond” 9″x12″ oil on canvas. Plein air.

This was such a beautiful place when Myrrh and I painted it the first time that we returned the next morning to paint it again. This time there was no fog but we started with a slightly overcast morning. Then things started to change! A while later the sky was bright blue, the water was darker, there were more shadows. I got out my umbrella. Thirty minutes later the sky was completely full of clouds again. Hmph. And a gust of wind blew over my easel with the umbrella attached. I somehow managed to land on top of it, trying to keep it from falling over I guess. But luckily my painting wasn’t damaged at all, I only got a handful of stickerburrs in my thumb and it was time to pack up anyway. If you watch the video below and see my painting disappear, now you know why.

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2 thoughts on “Painting the Morning Pond Again”

  1. Stickerburrs… I had no idea! The final painting looks so idyllic- glad you let us in on the artist’s agony (but sorry about the tumble.)

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