Yellowstone Plein Air Painting

Yellowstone National Park plein air oil painting.
Yellowstone National Park plein air. 6″ x 8″ oil on linen.

Yellowstone 20 miles

This little Yellowstone plein air painting in oil was painted last fall. I headed out with my paints into Grand Teton Nation Park looking for a place to set up and paint. Before I knew it I saw a sign that said “Yellowstone 20 miles” so I figured, why not? I drove on to Yellowstone and painted two little paintings. 

A good spot to paint

It was already October and the parks would be closed soon so there was hardly any traffic. It wasn’t long before I found a quiet parking lot with an overlook on this river. I could see a storm coming – look at those dark clouds – and the wind was blowing but I had to paint, I’de come this far! I had some challenges but I completed the painting.

Love when this happens

I went on to find another spot and paint a second Yellowstone painting which I’ll post next. I wasn’t all that pleased with these paintings at the time so I put them away on a shelf in my studio. I figured all painting is good practice and I always learn something when I paint from life. But this summer as I was organizing my studio I came across the two paintings I did that day and they looked a lot better to me. I love when that happens! So I framed them both and now have two little memories from my painting day sitting on our bookshelf.

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