I am an artist. Every one of my paintings is part of my story - whom I meet, where I am, a book I read or a museum I visit. Sometimes it’s a line of scripture I hear on Sunday morning. It’s dreams and prayers, time spent hiking in the sunlight. Encouragement from friends and strangers. I take all this into the studio and trust the process. And if it works, if I let go enough, I come away with a painting that breathes on its own and even inspires.

It is a privilege to create art and I am always honored when someone chooses to buy my work and live with it every day.


Paintings: My original paintings are painted in oil. I offer small angel paintings in my “Angels Among Us” section. Larger work can be found at the Jack Meier Gallery located at 2310 Bissonnet St. in Houston, Texas.

Products: Everything on this site is designed by me and then printed on products in the USA. I have found high quality products and printing processes to fulfill my orders and I’m continually checking quality.

What makes my life complete - my husband, my family, Jesus, Mexican mules, all the chocolate, snow, stars and wide open spaces.

Gallery Representation: Jack Meier Gallery, Houston, TX 77005

CONTACT: abreck@swbell.net