My studio at dusk.

Studio: a place for the study of an art.

I can often be found in my studio in Jackson Hole or painting nearby. Wyoming is a new love for me and it’s beauty is seemingly endless, from the majestic mountains to the mystery held in the forests, the quiet of wide open spaces allow me to explore everything in between. Often my studio ends up being a pasture where I’m surrounded by horses or taking reference photos in a barn. A studio is a place for the study of art, and this doesn’t necessarily mean a room, it can be anywhere where I’m inspired and gathering material and studying art.


Though when I do want to be inside, I mostly work out of a refurbished metalworking shop in the beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming valley. We refurbished the building and added windows, insulation and Sheetrock to make it a studio. We left the large north facing garage doors and on a nice day I can pull up the garage doors and enjoy lots of natural light and a view of the mountains.