My Studio

Welcome to my studio! My studio is full of found objects that serve as inspiration for my paintings. I’ve been painting for 15 years and over the years I’ve painted many different subjects. I’m influenced in large part by my surroundings. It took me a while to figure this out, but mustn’t we all be influenced by what’s around us and what’s going on in our lives?

Painting what surrounds me

Recently I am enamoured with nature, probably because I spend more time outdoors, mostly hiking in the mountains or wandering around our place looking for beautiful organic objects. First I make sketches in pencil, and then I paint in oil on canvas.

Fresh and dried flowers, antlers, skulls, pinecones, rocks, shells, and even sticks fill my studio. By looking closely at these objects I could so easily walk by or step over, I have discovered much beauty. And it’s this delicate beauty that I strive to portray in the paintings I’m working on now.

building a studio

I recently built a small studio, to see photos of the building process go here: step-by-step how to build an art studio. It’s just big enough to have a few supplies and to paint undisturbed. I used large reclaimed windows so I could have a view in all directions and let the sunlight in.

And check out my list of 6 things to know before you build if you’re just thinking about building your own art studio. I learned a lot by building my own studio!

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