Lily Pond in June

Okay, here is the painting I did of the lily pond at the Houston Arboretum the other day. I “fixed” it. There is a small wooden deck that I put in the painting, but I didn’t like the way my painting looked with that deck so I wiped it off. I just replaced it with more water and more lily pads.

I do enjoy painting the lily pond and I would love to see what it looks like in the early morning, early as in the dawn. The Arboretum doesn’t open until 8:00 am so that’ll have to do. I can park my car by 8:00 am and hike with my supplies to the lily pond in about 15 minutes. I bring along a french easel which unfolds to a nice standing easel, a large bag with my brushes and paint, camera, water, and a couple of small canvases. If I get started early I should be able to get out of there before it gets too hot too.

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