This morning I went to the Arboretum and painted the lily pond again with my friend and instructor Steve Parker. We had to contend with an armadillo and snakes and I don’t like my painting well enough to post it here. And, it was hot! So much complaining, you would think I didn’t have any fun at all. But I did have fun (well, I had a little fun) and anyway the point was to learn, which I did.

As I logged on to post this I saw the painting I just finished of the old man. Oh, that was so much fun, so satisfying. I loved deciding where the soft edges would be, where to blur the lines of his hand . . . I felt a lot more in control of that painting than I did today when I was trying to paint that stupid lily pond. My next painting will definitely be a portrait, with a bonus of painting inside in the air conditioning.

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