Galveston Beach Umbrellas

After painting five small paintings sitting on the beach at Galveston I decided it was time to attempt a larger painting in my studio, though this one is only 11″x14″. I would love to sit on the beach and paint this, but the beach is an hour away, not always practical. I think the beach at Galveston has a beauty of it’s own, it certainly has it’s own character. The lifeguard stand and the bright umbrellas say Galveston to me. Who knew I would enjoy painting the beach so much. Wouldn’t it be fun to travel and paint beaches? Okay, time to wake up now . . .

Anyway, I painted this one in my studio using one of the studies and a photograph. The study of the beach umbrellas I did on Friday was particularly helpful because I took the sky color from that painting. And the sand. This painting was a lot of fun, I loved painting all the bright colors and not worrying about the details of the people and stuff under all those umbrellas. I really enjoyed painting the little dabs of color as I moved farther and farther down the shoreline. I hope you like it.


  1. July 9, 2008 / 3:25 pm

    Hey, Joan! I’m so glad you made a blog. It was so nice to hear from you again.

    In this picture, I especially like that bit where the clouds meet the sky and I can see the underpainting. Nice composition, too.

    Did you know that under your profile you don’t have your blog listed? Only your website. Is that intentional?

  2. July 9, 2008 / 4:19 pm

    Silvina it’s great to hear from you too! Thank you for your compliments on my painting, I’m glad you like it. The underpainting showing just sort of happened so I left it.
    I did not realize only my website was on my profile, I’ll go into cyberspace and try to remedy that . . .

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