Summer Barn final version

Here is the final version of this painting. It’s 11″x14″ oil on canvas. I like it better without the trees, thank you to those of you who sent me your comments after my last post. This was a case of making a painting better by taking something out. I hear about that but I don’t think my mind is usually open to that possibility, but it was this time and I’m glad.

On another note I’m about to send an e-mail withdrawing my participation in an upcoming group show. It’s at a big church here in Houston and it’s a two day show. I have two reasons I’m going to cancel, the first is I’m afraid it’ll be too much like that last show I did 3 weeks ago: lots of artists and not enough shoppers. This show is going to be 7 (seven!) hours on a Friday and then 6 more hours on Saturday. The second reason is that it’s the same weekend as my daughter’s Senior Prom and I just don’t want to be either gone all weekend or wiped out when I am home.

6 thoughts on “Summer Barn final version”

  1. Very interesting…

    I guess I missed the intermediate post. I liked how you photoshopped those trees out to see how it would look.
    I have GOT to learn how to use photoshop better! What a terrific tool it is. I’ve seen work that artists have done using photoshop alone… amazing!!

    Anyway… Good for you… It wouldn’t have occurred to me to take the trees out. They didn’t bother me… but now that I see it without… I like it better.
    Good eye Joan!!… I also loke your sketches and block in from earlier. I’m impressed.

  2. Good call, the painting looks great!
    Are you familiar with any plein air groups around the Houston or Galveston area?
    My husband will be working some in the area to rebuild.
    I enjoyed a grand tour of your website and blog recently. I learned alot and was encouraged.
    Nice work.

  3. I enjoyed watching the progress of this lovely painting. I agree taking the trees away, added not subtracted, from the painting. What also interested me was seeing your pencil sketch then the two thumbnails. Did you do the thumbnails in oil? I have never done colored thumbnails as I didn’t want to get out the W/Cs. Just realized could use oil paint. DUH… Thanks Honor

  4. Hi Honor, thanks for stopping by and welcome! Yes, I did the thumbnails in oil. I had my palette all laid out so I just did two tiny little thumbnails with the oil. I got one brush dirty but it was worth it, I think.
    I tried to put this answer on your blog but there seem to be technical difficulties.

  5. Enjoy your daughter’s prom preparations! Shows are definitely second place to that. I think your paintings are beautiful and like seeing the process. I actually thought the trees looked great in the very bottom of the post. The very beginnings. I lean toward those paintings, for some reason. And yet I have a hard time calling something done when I’ve just started, too.

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