Figure in Red

Figure in Red     9″x12″ oil on canvas

After painting so many plein air landscapes recently I decided to paint a figure for a change. I was getting tired of all the green out there, though it is summer so that’s to be expected, but after I finished this one I sat back and realized it’s green and red! And what had I been painting? Green fields with red barns. Huh.

It was so much fun to paint this figure. I had almost forgotten how much I love to paint figures. This is 9″x12″ oil on linen canvas mounted on a panel. I have a pretty black frame with gold ordered for it.

I’m going on a trip soon and I have big plans to bring my sketch pad and sketch people in the airport, restaurants, basically anywhere I can. Sketching every day is a habit I need to develop.

More figures to come!

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