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I just finished a full length portrait, which I’ll post soon, but during this last project the studio has gotten out of control messy! So this week my task was to get the studio back in shape. It’s not a large studio so the less stuff in there the better. My goal was to remove that metal shelving unit in the corner (in the photo below) to make more room.

One of the reasons I wanted to remove the shelving unit was to make room for this small desk. This little wooden desk was my son’s when he was younger and it’s been in the storage unit. I realized I need a place to sketch and plan my paintings. I also have a GIANT drafting table (from my days as a graphic designer) and even though I love working on a giant table where I can spread out everything, it’s just too big for this space. So this little desk will do just fine.

But right now this is what the desk looks like. I have a long way to go before this studio is in shape.

I have an artist friend who likes to have a number of his completed paintings in the studio, he uses them as a springboard for his next painting. I thought about that and I prefer to have everything out of sight. I want the studio as clear of anything as possible. I’ve put my old paintings in the storage unit or in my daughter’s closet, it helps my mind when I start with a blank slate every time. Fascinating how everyone has a different way of working, and different sources of inspiration.

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  1. Your studio looks pristine compared to mine! Good luck in your cleaning project and if you have any hints of how to keep it from getting so messy, please pass them on!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The full length portrait sounds great, can’t wait to see it. We all love seeing other peoples studios … Keep us posted on your cleaning so you can use the desk.

  3. Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by and for your comment. I wish I did have some hints about keeping a studio from getting so messy! That’ll be something for me to work on.

    Hi Nancy, thank you for your comment. I am making good progress on the studio. It’s just not something I enjoy and I am pretty good at finding other things to do instead of cleaning and organizing.


  4. Thank you for sharing your studio, as is before you redo it. Looks real. Look forward to seeing the completed portrait and the redo of your studio. I prefer my completed paintings out of sight but I do have some I have hanging up high around the studio that I glance at sometimes to remind myself I have completed some paintings, I forget sometimes, hahaha. I agree it is so interesting what works differently for each artist!

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